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She's a Blowin' by Deborah Smith, front.


' She's a Blowin' '  *

32" l x 14"h x 14" d

painted reed with driftwood

She's a Blowin' by Deborah Smith,back 2.

All boats remain on their moorings this morning, pitching, riding the waves.  Rolling down his truck window, Wally slows to greet us, ‘Ya, she’s a blowin’ this mornin!’ 

The café will be crowded and cozy; a chance to catch up with friends.  The docks will be empty this afternoon; a chance to catch up on chores.  The wind will be gusting, the waters churning; a chance for drifting branches to be sculpted and refined.

Image by M.T ElGassier

*  Available, please contact for pricing

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